Home – Get Out of Your Box!

Pigeon-holing is what we do best. We’re not happy unless we can put it in a box. Whatever ‘it’ is.

Strange, don’t you think? Each and every one of us is a multi-layered individual. None of us can be categorised with a single description, yet we insist on doing this to everyone and everything we encounter.

Mind you, we don’t help ourselves. You meet someone for the first time and within a few minutes you’ve found out what they do for a living and vice versa. Part curiosity, part sharing, part small talk, all bullshit. None of it is true. It’s just about putting this newcomer into a box.

Fear of the unknown. That’s all it is.

Christ, you’ve just met them and already you want to move them into a coffin and bury them. Burn them. End them. When they’re in their box you can deal with them. Until then, they’re dangerous.

But it’s what we do. You’re already pigeon-holing me. I’m a writer. That much is obvious. And so you’re putting me in that box now. But before you do that, I’m also an accountant. In the real world, that’s normally when the conversation ends. I’ve toyed with the idea of telling people I’m a mass murdering fascist dictator, or something equally repulsive – a paedophile priest, for example – because at least they might find that interesting and want to continue the conversation. But once I’ve opened my accountant pigeon-hole, I can see I’ve lost them. Their eyes glaze over. They finish their drink hurriedly. They make excuses and leave.

By the same token, sometimes it works to my advantage. When I find someone irritating or annoying I tell them I’m an accountant as soon as possible. More often than not it works. Sometimes though, it doesn’t. Sometimes they’re more interested. They find it ‘fascinating’. Weirdos.

But I digress. The point is that nobody fits into one box. There are too many layers and they all need their space. So this website is not about Jerome Griffin, the writer. Let me quickly add, it’s definitely not about Jerome Griffin the accountant either. Definitely not!

In many ways, it’s not even about me at all. I may be the administrator, but everyone and anyone can make their contributions. Take part. Get involved.

There’s a wide range of interests on this site from writing to travel; social commentary to sport; work to fun; and much more. So, have a little browse. If something grabs your attention get involved. Offer advice. Ask for advice! Invite friends to contribute. Make it your own!

There’s only one rule – get out of your box!


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