Friday Fun – What type of car are you?

In market research focus groups, they ask questions like ‘If you were a car, what type of car would you be?’ And that’s the challenge this week – match famous people with cars and explain why, like the following examples:

Michael Jackson – a kit car – made of plastic; David Bowie – VW Beetle – looks similar to the old model but the engineering is completely different; Jimmy Saville – Yugo – gone and remembered for all the wrong reasons; and finally, David Cameron – BMW – cuts you up and then blames you for it!

Away you go!


3 thoughts on “Friday Fun – What type of car are you?

  1. Probably some kind of VW like I was reared – The bodywork changes…but still compact, robust and reliable after a roll or two 🙂

  2. I’d be a Mazda 323f mk I- born in the 80’s, fast despite the small engine size and good set of pop-up headlights!

  3. Difficult one especially with a headache. Best I can come up with is that Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and all the other famous TV chefs all have the same car because chefs like a well stocked Lada.

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