Early Friday Fun – words that have lost their innocence!

We’re all familiar with words that have evolved over time to develop new meanings. For example, organic used to refer to anything that grew; mad used to be an insult and gay meant happy! New products have also delivered language problems at times. I mean, after Richard Branson launched his brand of condoms, hanging out with a Mate could have meant something entirely different, while lapping at a pussy now means drinking mineral water! Slang can also  cause confusion – who would have thought that moist was an insult?

So your challenge this week is to bring us words that have evolved or invent your own slang and give it a counter meaning!

Away you go!

Take part! Get involved!


2 thoughts on “Early Friday Fun – words that have lost their innocence!

  1. Text was an original book or document and now the only means of communication for some.
    Kindle used to mean light or catch fire and now is the only way to read.
    Ecstasy was overwhelming joy or rapture but is now just a drug.
    Tablet was a pill, a bar of soap or a slab of stone but now its just a device.
    Rewind was just a function on a video recorder and now it’s a spiffing book – Kindle it (no don’t set it on fire!)

  2. I asked the Misses if she fancied a ‘cuddle’ this morning… and it seemed to get misinterpreted… she had a headache.

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