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Friday Fun – Slang My Bluff!

Hi everyone

That was much better last week! And I’m pleased to say that the entry limit for prizes was smashed out of the park! Indeed, it was a tough task for the judges to decide upon the top three. But decide we did and here are the results of the Norwegian Jury!

In third place, Triona McBride with Ocean’s Twelve Monkeys! Love the Brad Pitt linkage!

In second place, David Wardle with Live and Let Die Another Day! Again, the linkage with two Bond movies won me over!

But the winner this week, with the cheeky little artistic licence, JP with The Lion King’s Speech! You’ve got to wonder how that went – “If one and all we keep resolutely faithful to it, then with God’s help we shall prevail! Hakuna matata!”

Anyhow, onto this week’s Friday Fun. You need to offer two obscure slang words or phrases with their localities and meanings, along with an example for each. They may be real slang words or you can make them up. Then the next person must decide whether they are real or fake before providing two efforts of their own.

Subsequent people can also decide if they’re real or fake so please don’t let us know the truth until next Friday when the competition is done!

I’ll get you started:

Moist: West London: Meaning wet and pathetic – e.g. One Direction are so moist!

Couth: Northumberland: Meaning the opposite of uncouth – e.g. That Kate Midleton is well sophisticated – she’s got couth!

Away you go! Take part! Get involved!

(By the way, feel free to invite others to play who you think might enjoy this fun on a Friday!)


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“It kept me hooked throughout with his attention to detail and brilliant turn of phrase”

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“Clever without being pretentious”

“Insightful commentary on modern life presented with some excellent use of language and great wit”

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Friday Fun – Merging Movies!

Much more like it last week! However, we’ve had a lot better! So with that in mind the committee has decided to only award prizes when we receive a minimum of 10 entries in a week!

Harsh? Maybe so, but dem’s da roools I’m afraid! However, complaints can be emailed to and he promises to reply to everyone! And everyone knows a politician never breaks a promise!

On we go!

Your challenge this week is to merge movies together with a common word – the last of the first title and the first of the latter! Confused? Well, here are a few examples to show you how it’s done:

Blood Diamonds are Forever; Meet Joe Black Swan; and finally, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Duckling!

Away you go! Take part! Get involved!