Friday Fun – Misconceptions!

OK, nowhere near the line last week, but hey, I’m awarding a top three anyway!

3rd Playboy Potbellies – Triona McBride

2nd Manchester United Nations – Triona McBride

1st Vodka Kebabra – Triona McBride

Congratulations Triona!

And for this week’s challenge, let’s address some common misconceptions!

Tonight I’m going to see my mate, Niall Sheehy, perform in Les Miserables as Enjolras on the West End! With that in mind, who thinks Les Miserables is set during the French Revolution? Well I’m afraid you score a grand total of nil point for that! It’s set in the June Rebellion (or Student Rebellion, depending on the source), some 34 years after Marie Antoinette could no longer eat cake!

So, what other misconceptions grind your gears?

Is it that some people think King Henry VIII started Protestantism? Or that Martin Luther King ate a diet of worms, while Martin Luther was a black German preacher who started his own church because Catholics were racist? Maybe it’s because there are two Kings of Pop – Coca-Cola and Michael Jackson – one being black and still alive! Possibly it’s that the First World War was started by Archie Duke who shot an ostrich! (I thank’ee, Baldrick!) On a personal level, it’s because people are always confusing me with Brad Pitt. More often than not, that ends when I wake up. On one occasion it ended when I spotted the guide dog.


Anyhow, that’s the challenge! Misconceptions that grind your gears!

Away you go! Take part! Get involved!


Friday Fun – Mashup Mergers!

I think the less said about last week the better! Well done, David – 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

For this week’s Friday Fun you need to think of mergers you would like to see happen! Here’s a few to get you started:

Carlsberger King

Primani (or Primarks & Spencer)

Microsoft Rampant Rabbit

Heinekentucky Fried Chicken

Away you go! Take part! Get involved! And get others involved too!