Indie Author Fringe Fest – My Better Half Reading

Check out my reading from My Better Half below at the Indie Author Fringe Fest at this year’s London Book Fair!




Friday Fun – The Marmite Question

On Monday I posted on Facebook that I had watched Frozen and I urged people not to make my mistake. This led to something of a debate which split commentators pretty much down the middle: on one side, those who believe in the one true faith of Disney; on the other, the Godless unbelievers who should be stoned until it really hurts, accompanied by the obligatory much gnashing of teeth.

As people seemed to either love or hate Frozen this struck me as something of a Marmite issue. So your challenge this week is to put forward other Marmite style love/hate topics for discussion.
For example, do you worship at the altar of Simon Cowell or would you take great delight in putting his smug, square head into a giant pencil sharpener and rounding it off to a nice point?
Mrs Brown’s Boys: Comic genius or embarrassing irritation for which there is no ointment?
Does Justin’s existence make you want to invade Canada just to make sure it never happens again, or are you a secret Belieber? Granted, millions of others listen to him too, but they have to do their homework first!

So that’s the challenge! Away you go! Take part! Get involved!