Divorcing Mum – First Amazon Review!

So the first review of Divorcing Mum has hit Amazon with 5 stars! Check it out on the link below!

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Divorcing Mum now at no. 8 in Amazon Urban Fiction Chart!

Thank you so much to everyone who has bought Divorcing Mum! Thanks to you it is now sitting at number 8 in the Amazon Urban Fiction chart! Mr. Joyce is now only two places ahead of me at no.6, but Mr. Gayle is well behind in 17!

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Divorcing Mum in Amazon Top 20 Urban Fiction chart!

Divorcing Mum is sitting pretty at 19 in Amazon’s Urban Fiction chart on the day of its release – just one place behind Mike Gayle’s Turning Forty! Also in the top 20 is a certain Mr. James Joyce, currently at no. 7 with Dubliners!

Divorcing Mum is still available at the discounted price of 96p until midnight tonight! Don’t delay, buy today!

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Divorcing Mum out now!

My new Short e, Divorcing Mum, is released today and is available on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, ibooks and many other platforms! It is on special offer at only 96p until midnight tonight, at which point it will revert to the RRP.


http://www.amazon.co.uk/Divorcing-Mum-Jerome-Griffin-ebook/dp/B00OL05KG4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1414396146&sr=8-1&keywords=divorcing+mumDM Poster

Divorcing Mum now available for pre-order on Kobo and Nook!

My new Short e, Divorcing Mum, is now available for pre-order on Kobo and Nook! Order now and it will be delivered to your Kobo or Nook on the release date of 27th October! Click on the links below!


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Divorcing Mum – 4 days left to pre-order at 96p!

Only four days left to pre-order my Short e, Divorcing Mum, at the bargain price of 96p! From midnight on Monday, 27th, it will revert to the recommended retail price. Don’t miss out – order now!

Click on the link below.


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Pre-order Divorcing Mum for only 96p!

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My Short e, Divorcing Mum, is available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle now for only 96p! The release date is 27th October and if you order it now it will be delivered to your Kindle on Monday! This incredible deal ends at midnight on 27th, after which it will be available at the recommended retail price. Only five days left! Go on, you know it makes sense!