Friday’s Child is leaving and grinning!

Friday at last!

Whether you’re a TGI or a TFI kind of person, everyone loves Friday!

Time to let go! Time for release! Time to be free!

Today’s the day. It’s here. Find our what happens – order your copy today!



Thursday’s Child has nowhere to go…


Weekend eve! Time for fun and frolics!

Or maybe time for reflection. Time for peace of mind. Time for solitude.

Who knows what anyone else needs from their weekend?

Find out what Andy needs in Friday’s Child tomorrow!



Wednesday’s Child is full of hope!


Hump day. Once you get to lunch time it’s plain sailing for the rest of the week. Time to start planning the weekend. Time to escape! And what better way to escape than with a good story?

Order Friday’s Child now for delivery, er Friday, funnily enough!


Tuesday’s Child is full of hate!


OK, Monday is over, but there’s still the rest of the week to get through.

Want to know what would help? Having something to look forward to on Friday! Like a book delivery!

So, order your copy of Friday’s Child now! And don’t worry, you don’t need to own a Kindle – you can download the Kindle app for free to any device!

So don’t delay, order your copy today!


Monday’s Child is frown of face!

Yep, Monday again. The day history has taught us is better spent in bed.



Still, at least today is a bank holiday. And holidays are for relaxing!



So, why not download Divorcing Mum for free and read it today? And while you’re at it, order Friday’s Child too, which will be delivered to your Kindle on Friday! Just click on the links below!