My published novels are My Better Half, a contemporary psychological thriller set in London, and The Flight of the Earls, an historical fiction set in Ireland 400 years ago.


My Better Half

Real life has a habit of creeping up on you. Take this guy, for example. One minute he’s an enthusiastic graduate high on life starting out on his career with a bright future; the next he’s burnt out in his 30s exhausted by his meaningless relationships and empty contribution to society. The ultimate ambush. The only thing he has left with any substance is his marriage. And even that relationship has been fake for longer than he can remember. But it’s all he’s got left. And then, one day, that’s gone too. What then?

Well, then you turn to your mentor for advice.
Some people get to the heart of the matter.
Some hit the nail on the head.
Clive splits the atom.
The guy’s a guru, no question. His advice is just what’s needed. If anyone can cut through the bullology and fix his broken life, it’s Clive. After all, it’s never too late. Is it?

With Clive’s ‘therapy’ leading the way, this everyman embarks on a cataclysmic journey of reinvention involving travel, drink, drugs, a sort of rock ‘n’ roll, speed dating, brothels and, of course, revenge, until he realises Clive isn’t exactly who he claims to be.

Ranging from heart-wrenching and compassionate to disturbing and sinister, My Better Half plucks at a wide spectrum of emotions as it tries to make sense out of the lunacy of life.

Please note: If you wish to purchase My Better Half in either ebook or paperback format, please click on the relevant icon in the right-hand menu.

The Flight of the Earls                           

I fear I will never again set foot on this land. My land. My Ireland.

What Fate sees fit to bestow upon me I do not know. But in my heart I know I will never return.

It’s over. And because it’s over I have decided to set the record straight. To give an account of all that has happened these past years. History, they say, is written by the victors. Well, this is a history written by the defeated.

I am Hugh O’Neill and this is my story.

Please note: The Flight of the Earls is currently unavailable but I aiming to re-release the novel as an e-book in early 2014.


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