First draft of 33rd County finished!

So, I’ve finished the first draft of my new Short e, 33rd County, which I’m aiming to release this summer! Hurrah!

And here’s a little taster…


Liam O’Sullivan doesn’t understand what’s happened in Crimea. Well, he understands the what, but he doesn’t get the why and how. Like, how can one part of a country suddenly become part of another country? And if it’s what the people wanted, why didn’t it happen before?

And, why has it pissed off the rest of the world? Like, surely it’s pretty much the same thing in Gibraltar, and the Falklands, and so many other places.

It’s all very confusing.

It’s mystifying.


For Liam, though, it’s all about to get a lot more complicated after his blog post. Which he only did for the craic, by the way.

After all, how could anyone think he was serious when he said Ireland should annex Kilburn?